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Raisin Moments…..

Raisin Moments…..


The buzzword nowadays seems to be mindfulness. We are encouraged to live life in the present moment, appreciate what we have right now and not worry about the past or future.


But for many people it is a concept which, while seemingly straightforward and sensible, is actually incredibly difficult to put into practice. I should confess right now that I am one of those people.

There just always seems to be so much going. I sit and try and appreciate the here and now – but maybe I’d appreciate it better if I vacumned first. Ok. Try again. Just appreciate the here and…..toddler scribbling on wall with permanent marker….eldest son needs football socks immediately…..middle son is hungry…the phone is ringing. Well, you get the idea.

So I had decided to give up on mindfulness. To smile and nod at the people who claim it has radically changed their lives while being very mindful not to stick my fingers in my ears shouting “la la la”.

Then I had a chat with my sister about aforesaid mentioned mindfulness. “Oh you mean raisin moments”. I’m sorry what? And she went on to explain that, for her, they are the tiny snatches of time when you look around and just appreciate what you have right here, right now. So, for example as I type this I have the wonder of technology, a warm house, a lovely cup of tea and cbeebies. (the latter not for me you understand.)

And I realised that while in the past I had been forcing myself to sit down and concentrate on the present moment, I was actually missing what was in the present moment. You don’t need to set aside 30 minutes to do it, you literally just need a few seconds, I had been stressing myself out by worrying I was doing it wrong. But in reality – there can be no wrong. Because mindfulness is different for everybody. My raisin moments are likely to be completely different to yours. In
fact, you might not even like raisins – yours might be peanuts or skittles.

It can even work at those times when you you feel you should be doing something but can’t.

Take sleeping as an example. How many times have you woken in the middle of the night for no reason, you’re exhausted and every second ticking away is like having the worst comedian in the world cackling about how awful you’re going to feel tomorrow especially when you have so
much to do? Find the raisin in that. Well the very thing happened to me the other night. And instead of my usual pillow throwing, duvet grabbing sulk – I decided to heed my sister’s words of wisdom and appreciate what I had right at that moment, a warm bed, sleeping children (that was a moment of true amazement), the ability to get up if I wanted to…..and I can’t remember the rest because I feel asleep. Instead of sleepless hours focusing on what was wrong with the situation, I focused on what was right.

Take a moment to find a raisin moment right now. You might start off with just one or two raisins – but before you know it you can build up quite a collection. A whole bag you might say.

And you know, when I think about it, that wall scribbling in permanent marker care of my three year old
looks remarkably like a raisin….