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Listening to your gut……..

Listening to your gut……..

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There was an advert on the television a while ago where a man heard this little voice calling out to him.  It turned out to be his gut who, in a very squeaky little voice, was essentially wanting some attention.


In that instance what the gut (shall we call him Gary….) required was a yogurt drink filled with bacteria, but the sentiment behind the advert is actually incredibly poignant.


The expression ‘gut feeling’ is one that is widely used.  If you’re facing a dilemma – people might helpfully ask what your gut instinct is.  But sometimes it can be hard to tune in and hear what little Gary is saying.


The reasons for that are many and varied – but essentially that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you’re feeling nervous, excited or even happy or sad is governed by your thought process.  If you think it, you feel it.  Try and imagine a time when you have felt really nervous about something, an exam, a dental appointment or having to deal with an issue you’d rather avoid.  Where did you feel it?  It was obviously going round and round your head – but what were the physical sensations related to these thoughts?  Chances are you experienced what we call butterflies, that churned up feeling in your stomach area – related to the fight and flight response we have talked about in previous blogs.


And so with all that going on – how can you possibly know what your gut instinct is?  How do actually tune in and work out what is going to be the best possible outcome for you in any given situation?


At Wavelength we have developed the TUNE IN method.


The first thing you need to allow yourself is Time – set aside a chunk of time where you can truly focus on the issue at hand, know you won’t be disturbed and have the freedom to fully focus on what you need to sort out.


Next is Understanding – how can you make a decision about anything if you don’t fully understand the potential consequences of your actions?  Think about what the possible outcomes could be of any direction you take.


It is then often helpful to make some Notes.  Sometimes clearing it out of your head and onto paper gives you the mental space to make a clearer decision.


You might want to refer back to past Experiences.  If you have faced a similar situation before – how did you handle it?  What would have done differently if you’d had the chance?  What would you do the same?


If you’re still struggling, it might be time to Investigate your options.  Who can you turn to who will act as a sounding board?  It might be a trusted non-judgemental friend or a professional like a Coach or counsellor. The important thing they can offer is to stop you overthinking. To help you listen to your gut but not over analyse it. Often this is the best thing a coach can do for you.


And finally it’s time for Next.  What is going to be your next step.  By the time you get to this point you will have considered your options in a calmer, more focused manner.



By deciding to Tune In to your gut feeling, you will be giving yourself a chance to work out what it is that will really work for you in any given situation.  The worst thing you can do when facing any issue, is to let it go round and round your head.  To speculate about what may or may not happen.  Not only does it stop you from truly living your life, it has real physical implications.


So next time you’re struggling with a decision, be it big or small, just stop and Tune In to Gary….