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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

What is life coaching?  Why might I need a life coach?  These are good questions to ask, but if you are already at this page you must think you have a need of sorts, and that is exactly the first thing a life coach will help you with – what do I need or want out of life?

As life coaches, the people we see can usually be divided into three categories.  Beth and Karl believe each of our clients are individual with their own needs and problems, but it is useful to list these categories just to give you an idea of where we can help.

People who want to succeed.

Of course, we all want to succeed, but everyone has their own perception of what success means for them.  Sometimes, we know what we want but can’t quite work out how to reach it, or we may want to succeed but are not too sure what in.  We can help you set priorities in life by looking at goal setting.  We can help you find your strengths and weaknesses, overcome obstacles and create action plans. Time spent with a life coach is time allowing you to find your own resources. We will never tell you what you should do, but we will open your mind to find its own possibilities

People who are stressed out or have a problem in life.

We all go through life experiencing its ups and downs.  Some people seem to ride this rollercoaster quite happily and take each change in their stride.  Sometimes however, we find it difficult to navigate through a down cycle.  Your life coach will help you find your priorities.  We can talk you through issues in your relationships or other personal matters.  It can be as simple as just being a sounding board for you.  Everything we do is obviously in the strictest confidence and Beth and Karl believe trust is a key issue for their clients.  Your time spent with us should feel like a safe haven where you can discuss whatever you need to while we encourage you to think around and through your problems, finding the right solution for you.

People who sense something is lacking in their life.

Life can be tough! We will often find ourselves stuck in a rut or not able to change or perhaps just bored doing the same thing all the time.  It doesn’t have to be like that.  You may sense something is missing, you want to do something else but don’t know what.  The best way to find out is to talk it through and your life coach is the best person to do that with.  We can guide your thinking and challenge your ideas so that you move in the right direction.  Again, we will not tell you what to do, but we will ensure your thoughts are positive and that you are where you need to be.


As you can see, life coaching is about change, but change is good as long as it is controlled. We will not give you answers or advice because we know that to truly make a difference in your life you need to be in control, you need to know you do have choices.  As a life coaches, we can help you find the answers to your own questions.  We will be pushy and challenge you, don’t expect an easy ride.  But do expect to be treated with respect and work with somebody who truly listens to you.

Change is the essence of life.  Let us guide you through that change.