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Yearly Archives:2016

Happy Monday

Traditionally the third Monday in January is called Blue Monday.  Why is that?  Well supposedly a combination of the weather, debt problems, low motivation, a return to work after Christmas and abandoned New Year resolutions are to blame.  Is it a real phenomenon?  Well the jury is still out on that one, but nevertheless it gives us a wonderful starting point in trying to work out why we are the way we are.

                           The brain is an amazing organ and we are still finding out how it all works.  Every day new science is discovered that adds another layer of knowledge to what we know.  There are however, some things we already know which can help us understand Blue Monday and, more importantly, protect ourselves against it!  So, let’s look at these and work out we can apply fresh thinking to not just Blue Monday, but the rest of our lives.

                       Our brain can be divided into the reptilian brain which was before we evolved into the species we are now and our executive brain which we have evolved in later years.  The former is the part of our brain that makes the quick decisions based on whether we are under threat or not.  Important when we were worried about Sabre Tooth Tigers in the jungle, but now not quite as urgent.  However, the brain still sees all threats the same way, so if we are told about ‘Blue Monday’, our reptilian brain sees this as a threat and shuts down its decision making centre.  If we are aware of this though, we can stop it and re-think the whole situation.  It can be as simple as recognising what is happening.  So we have a bad thought, recognise it’s not actually real or going to happen, take a deep breath and then decide to think otherwise.

                       We all view the world a little differently.  So much information comes into our unconscious mind that we couldn’t possibly deal with it all, so our view of the world is  based on our values, our beliefs, how we’ve been brought up in our life and the things that have happened to us. So it’s all about our perception – and this is a crucial point.  Using the information and experience that has shaped us, we create a movie in our mind, a story of what we think using current information and the stories we remember from past events. But we can change the story.  We have no idea what will happen in the next minute, never mind the next hour, month or year.  So don’t create a story about it, because that’s all it is – a story, a fiction.  We can only control the here and now and all we have to do is accept that.  Don’t let your perception of the world be driven by the past, the unknown future or other people’s’ fears.

                       Choice is the big word here.  We truly  do have a choice about how we view the world and should exercise it every minute of the day  It really is as simple as waking up in the morning and deciding to have a good day not a bad day. Why should someone else decide how your day should be?  Decide to have a Happy Monday (wouldn’t that be a great name for a band incidentally) not a Blue one.

                       Coaching is all about teaching people they have choices and how to use their own minds. This so called Blue Monday is a chance for you to make a choice, choose how you want to live the day, don’t let someone else make that choice for you.  Go and have that Happy Day.


Welcome to Wavelength!

We would like to welcome you to Wavelength Coaching.  Life today is complicated and sometimes we struggle to make decisions and move forward.  Wavelength Coaching can help.

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